Let’s Read The Gospels 2023 Reading Plan & Guidebook

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Reading the Gospels–the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible–every month for a year is a practice that changed my life. It keeps changing my life. Seriously. And I think it will change yours too.

It breaks down to reading 3 chapters a day. We finish in 30 days (28 in February by reading a little extra some days, and some months we’ll have a 31st day to rest and catch up) and then we start again on the first day of the next month. We’ll take a different path through the four books each month. I’ll be reading them to you on our Let’s Read the Gospels Podcast. You can follow along in your own Bible with our monthly reading plan. January’s Reading Plan will follow the same path that we’re reading on the podcast, and so will February’s, and so on. 

The Let’s Read the Gospels Guidebook will include the Reading Plan for each month (12 total by the end of the year) PLUS a letter from Annie, space to record your monthly reflections about Jesus, monthly journal prompts for deeper reflection, a beautifully designed monthly verse to memorize, and thoughts from Annie in response to each month’s reading. 

Your downloadable PDF will be available to you after checkout. These are digital downloads that you can print and collect in a 3-ring binder or folder, so that you can build your guidebook with new additions each month. Each subsequent month’s pages will be delivered to you by email in the last week of the month (for example, February will be available the last week of January) so you’ll have them in time to be ready for the first day of the next month!

This is a one-time purchase that will include digital access to all twelve months of 2023 of the Let’s Read The Gospels Guidebook as they become available.


Please note: This is a digital PDF. Purchasers will receive a download link both at checkout and a via a separate e-mail as well. Purchasers will not receive a physical copy. 


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Let’s Read The Gospels 2023 Reading Plan & Guidebook

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