Let's Read The Gospels 2024 January - March Reading Plan

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Reading the Gospels–the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible–every month for a year is a practice that changed my life. It keeps changing my life. Seriously. And I think it will change yours too.

Each month in 2023, we read 3 chapters a day, finishing in 30 days. To start this year, we want to slow it down by reading one chapter a day.  

So the experiment is this:

Will that same thing happen if it is only one chapter a day?

Will we still end each episode or each chapter read with a concept or verse that stands out?

Will we continue to have something to meditate on each day?

We are excited about what 2024 could hold for you and for us. Pray for us, join us, invite your friends to join us, and let’s read the Gospels!


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Let's Read The Gospels 2024 January - March Reading Plan

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